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    Modern Love & Intimacy [1/3] Unframing Love

    ◆ Wednesday 30 January ’19 ◆ 19:30-22:00 ◆ Paper Fetish Amsterdam ◆ The first event of our new series Modern Love & Intimacy! What influences your view on romantic love? Do you have an (open) relationship? Do you consider being non-monogamous? Or are you just curious? In this night we invite you on a journey of exploration: Lets investigate the common standards of society! We strive to create a safe and respectful space to exchange stories and meet amazing people.

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    Unframed Theme Night | Non-Monogamy Etiquette

      ◆ Wednesday 25 July 2018 ◆ 19:30-22:00 ◆   Do you have an open relationship? Do you consider being non-monogamous? Or are you just curious? We’ll start the evening with a mini-lecture about the do’s and don’ts of an open relationship. After that we invite you to join the grouptalk, where we can share thoughts and experiences.  

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    Unframed Mini-lecture & Workshop [3/3] The Value of Monogamy

    ◆ Thursday 1 Februari 2018 ◆ 19:30-22:00 ◆ This evening we are going to talk about relationships. Four people will share their personal stories: a polyamorous woman, a woman in an open relationship and a monogamous couple. What do they value? How do they live their lives? Do they experience pressure from society? After that we are going to discuss and talk about monogamy, exclusivity, romance, values and the role of culture and society. We want to explore and discuss these subjects in a light and respectful way.